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JNP 120 (Twin Window)

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ABOUT JNP 120 (Twin Window)

JNP120 Known to be a unique combination of style, elegance, and security, twin windows are said to be the only windows equipped with a twin sash, a bug mesh, and grill built right into the design. These windows have been created especially for Indian homes and offer protection from various situations, including theft or insects without having to sacrifice on the ventilation. Twin window designs are created keeping in mind the standard benets of the casement window, combining them with aesthetics


Max. Shutter H- 2100mm
Max. Shutter W- 900mm
Shutter Size- 40 x 57 mm
Sightline with shutter – 40mm
corner details: 45° spring connectors
Outter Width- 120 mm
Single glass – 5/6/8/10/12 mm
Double glass- 18/20mm
Finishes- Powder coat/Wood PC/Anodized


Excellent Energy Efficiency.
Effective Ventilation
Provide insulation from rain, dust, and pollution equipped with dual seals and a multifichambered
design that helps in preventing noise infiltration and also reduce heat loss
Opens to 90° for maximum ventilation
Friction stays for holding sash open
Sash bulb seal ensures complete weather proofing
lever handle lock
Unobstructed view as their is no center rail.
Multipoint lock mechanism
Ergonomic design with flat profiles on the external side,
easy to clean

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