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30 mm horizontal Slider window that have some greater width than 29mm series that can be used mostly for residential. The windows open with the sash sliding left or right. Some people find a sliding glass window easier to open and close than a crank-style window. Since they slide open without protruding, horizontal sliders are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios. Horizontal slider windows are a favourite for contemporary style homes and are also popular for satisfying bedroom egress requirements. In a single slider, one sash slides to open. In a double slider, both sashes open, this can be great for providing air circulation to a room


Max. Height- 3000mm
Max. width- 4800mm
Shutter dim. – 30mm x 75mm
sightline with shutter – 75mm
Corner details: 45° spring connectors
Single sash wt. up to 160 kg
3 Track Depth- 110 mm
Single glass – 5/6/8/10/12 mm
Double glass- 18/20mm
Finishes- Powder coat/Wood PC/Anodized
Acoustic performance – 40db
Water Tightness up to 350 pa
Wind load – 2200 pa


lever handle lock
concealed lock ( Automatic/manual)
SS Track Cap on which bearing moves
Soft cusion track rubber aside
Multipoint lock mechanism
Mesh shutter option for insect & bugs
Anti-Capillary Polypropylene Pads.
Ergonomic design with flat profiles on the
external side, easy to clean.
Water drainage slots carried out in non-visible
parts for a better look and lower costs.
Easy sliding of the sashes thanks to the
carriages with roller bearings and anti-friction
polyamide sliding tracks.
Acoustic comfort and energy saving
Ergonomic design with flat profiles on the
external side, easy to clean.
Anti-lift and Anti-rattling Nylon Noldings.
Tracks and shutters provided with heavy duty
imported polypropylene weather strips to
prevent air, noise and water infiltration.

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